Episode 1 - Introduction

Lyz and Braden Garwood join Pastor Eric Meyer for a conversation about diving off the deep end.  Listen in for a vulnerable conversation about our faith and the questions we are lead through.

Episode 2 - Enter Into My Rest: The Mysteries of Living and Dying Revealed

This week we begin a series of conversations with author John T. Fuhler exploring the ideas presented in his book “Enter Into My Rest”.  

This is a story of the redemption of a self-proclaimed agnostic of no merit whatsoever.  Along the way he finds the secret treasures of joy and peace that transfrom his bitterness and anger into compassion.  In these troubling times, this message is a balm for the brokenhearted.  It is the ultimate love story!

John T. Fuhler

Author, Enter Into My Rest: The Mysteries of Living and Dying Revealed

Pastor Eric Meyer

Eric is the pastor for the Dakota County United Methodist Parish in Northeast Nebraska.  He has a lifetime of perspective and a deep spiritual connection to help guide him through the questions that come his way.  

Eric has a passion for helping people develop their faith through encouragement, mentorship, and friendship.  

He and his wife, Brenda, have two dogs living at home and three children launched out into the world. 

Lyz & Braden Garwood

Lyz grew up in Southern California, and moved to Nebraska in 2011.  Throughout Lyz’s life she has been carried by her spirituality to share her experiences of the divine in as many ways as present themselves.  

Braden was born and raised in Northeast Nebraska, and has spent his adult life in a variety of ministry environments.  Some of them were even in a church!

Lyz and Braden have two children (3 & 5) and a little black cat.